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Business Development Manager, AI Focus


Corporate and Business

About the Role

The AI Business Development Manager identifies and develops new business opportunities in the AI sector. They are key in driving business growth and expansion in the AI market, leveraging their understanding of AI technologies to create value propositions that resonate with clients and stakeholders.


    Develop and implement AI
    driven strategies to collect and analyze customer data across various touchpoints.
    Utilize machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to understand customer preferences and behaviors.
    Collaborate with cross
    functional teams to integrate AI insights into customer service processes and product development.
    Design and refine AI models to improve personalization and automate customer interactions where appropriate.
    Monitor AI systems to ensure accuracy and ethical use of customer data, adhering to privacy regulations.
    Translate complex data findings into actionable recommendations for enhancing customer experience.
    Measure and report on the impact of AI initiatives on customer satisfaction and business outcomes.
    Stay abreast of emerging AI trends and technologies that can further enhance customer engagement and experience.
    Provide training and support to other team members on the use of AI tools and interpretation of data insights.
    Work closely with IT and data science teams to ensure the seamless integration of AI applications into existing systems.

Required Skills

    Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Business Analytics, or a related field.
    Strong understanding of AI, machine learning, and data analytics principles.
    Proficiency in AI and analytics software tools (e.g., TensorFlow, Python, R, SQL).
    Excellent analytical and problem
    solving skills.
    Ability to interpret complex data and translate it into clear, actionable insights.
    Strong communication and presentation skills to convey technical concepts to non
    technical audiences.
    Experience with customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
    Knowledge of customer service best practices and industry standards.
    Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
    Strong project management skills and attention to detail.

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