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Helping Organizations Raise the bar with AI


RTB AI is a boutique consulting and development firm that helps companies infuse AI into their core operations.



RTB offers specialized services tailored to your needs. From hands-on consulting to practical training and targeted recruiting, RTB ensures you have what you need to compete in today's modern world. Explore which offerings which might be right for you.

About Ilan

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Ilan is a collaborative, no-nonsense operator with over a decade of experience building and leading teams.

With a proven track record of working with a diverse array of clients to implement custom AI solutions, Ilan guides companies to understand the potential of AI and how to effectively integrate it into their organization. His expertise not only lies in recognizing the applications of AI but also in executing strategies that transform entire departments.

Ilan has personally transformed entire departments using AI and is dedicated to helping your organization raise the bar with AI.

Ilan Buckman headshot - founder and operator of RTB

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