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AI Software Development

Is your product roadmap full but you still want to develop GenAI features? RTB-AI can help.

RTB AI specializes in rapidly building full stack GenAI features without slowing your team down. We handle ideation to execution, delivering best in class AI features that add business value and wow your users.

Software Features We Build

Chatbot Integration

Engage users with an AI-powered chat interface for seamless interaction.

Voice Assistants

Transform your app into a voice-activated assistant for hands-free convenience.

Data Cleanup

Clean and refine your data using AI for improved usability and insights.

Image Recognition

Utilize AI for image and video analysis in security, quality control, and more.

AI Insights

Leverage generative AI for in-depth analysis and actionable insights from complex data.

SMS Engagement

Connect with users through SMS, ideal for apps targeting lower-tech audiences.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze customer feedback and social media mentions to gauge public sentiment.

Personalized Marketing

Tailor marketing campaigns and content to individual preferences using AI.

Demand Forecasting

Utilize AI to predict demand with constantly updated statistical models.

Efficiency Tools

Boost team efficiency in customer support and business development with AI tools.

Recommendation Systems

Personalize user experiences with AI-driven recommendations.

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize logistics and supply chain operations with AI-powered forecasting.

Case Studies

Learn about recent GenAI software RTB-AI has developed for its clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI software development?

AI software development leverages artificial intelligence to enhance or fully automate different aspects of user interactions. At RTB-AI, we focus on language models, speech and voice models, and vision models to create robust, flexible features tailored to clients' needs.

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