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Construction Project Scoping

AI construction estimates


Block Renovation, a marketplace startup for home renovations, established its reputation for specializing in kitchen and bathroom overhauls. With a vast database system intricately detailing thousands of line items essential for scoping and pricing these specific renovations, they became the go-to platform for homeowners seeking precision and clarity in their projects.


Rather than manually expanding the database, RTB-AI proposed using a large language model to scope any home renovation type.This dynamic scoping was then paired with Block Renovation’s proprietary data to generate precise pricing. This innovative solution not only provided flexibility in scoping but also ensured accuracy in pricing, all while bypassing the traditional database expansion route.


The new model transformed Block Renovation's approach, allowing them to quickly quote comprehensive, high-revenue projects. This AI-driven method also enabled them to phase out their legacy scoping tool, reducing operational costs and increasing revenue.

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