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AI For Construction

Construction companies can reduce costs and boost return on investment by using AI. 

How AI is being used in Construction

Sales & Marketing

AI streamlines lead qualification, automates and custom tailors communication strategies, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts.

Back Office Management

Reducing manual workload and errors, AI automates expense tracking, permit processing, and contract drafting, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in back-office operations.


AI not only accelerates the pre-construction phase by streamlining project scoping and cost estimating but also proactively flags potential issues, ensuring smoother transitions to construction.

Customer Engagement

Management can maintain continuous interaction with customers, even while on the field, ensuring consistent engagement and timely updates.

Why GenAI is so important in construction

It might not seem obvious, but construction has lots to benefit from GenAI. 

Highlighted Construction projects

Learn how RTB has helped other Construction and home service businesses use AI

Take a step closer to unlocking AI

Curious to learn more about how leading owners and operators are using AI for all kinds of construction companies? The RTB-AI team will share some of our recent work for organizations like yours.

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