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AI Recruiting

Connecting you with AI leaders who use AI as a strategic advantage

Partner with a leader, not just a recruiter

With RTB-AI, you're engaging more than a recruiter – you're gaining a seasoned leader's perspective. We prioritize quality, only presenting candidates we'd consider for our own team.


AI empowered talent

Our candidates are ahead of the curve, leveraging AI for tangible business advantages. These individuals are geared to drive change and champion AI-centric practices within your organization.

The RTB Difference

RTB approaches every search with a structured methodology that focuses on quality over quantity

Structured Guidance

RTB approaches every hire like an investment - there has to be good ROI. We help you structure a search around core competencies that will add business value to your organization.

Precise Sourcing

Combining a stellar network with strategic sourcing, we focus on quality over quantity. You’ll only talk to the best candidates, saving you time from conducting unnecessary interviews.

Decisive Closing

RTB guides you through a structured closing process to identify the most fitting candidate, respectfully decline the others, draft an offer, and support any negotiations to close the role quickly.

Roles We Specialize in

RTB-AI excels in identifying and nurturing AI leaders who transform your business challenges into opportunities, setting new standards in AI excellence. See below for the job descriptions we specialize in, each crafted to meet the unique needs of your evolving business landscape

Filter roles by function

Chief AI Officer

The Chief AI Officer is pivotal in shaping and driving the organization's AI strategy, ensuring alignment with business objectives. They play a key role in integrating AI solutions across departments, fostering innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge, while also ensuring ethical AI practices.

Strategy Manager, AI Initiatives

The AI Strategy Manager plays a crucial role in developing and implementing AI strategies across various business units. Their expertise ensures that AI initiatives are in line with organizational goals, driving innovation and competitive advantage.

AI Application Development Manager

The AI Application Development Manager is responsible for managing the development of AI-driven applications. They ensure that these applications are effective, user-friendly, and aligned with business goals, playing a critical role in the practical application of AI technologies.

Vice President of AI Technologies

The Vice President of AI Technologies oversees the comprehensive scope of AI applications and strategies within an organization. They are key in ensuring technological advancements are in sync with strategic business goals. Their role is crucial for driving innovation, guiding AI initiatives, and ensuring that the AI technologies deployed are transformative and align with the company's vision and market trends.

Solutions Architect, AI

The AI Solutions Architect is instrumental in designing and implementing AI systems that are practical, scalable, and aligned with business needs. They bridge the technical and business domains, enhancing customer service, optimizing operations, and driving innovation.

Product Manager, AI

The AI Product Manager oversees the development and management of AI-based products, aligning them with market needs and business objectives. They are essential for ensuring that AI products not only meet customer demands but also contribute significantly to the organization's success and innovation.

Integration Specialist, AI

The AI Integration Specialist focuses on integrating AI technologies into existing systems and processes. Their role is crucial in enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness, making them a key player in the practical implementation of AI solutions in the business context.

Head of AI and Machine Learning

The Head of AI and Machine Learning leads the charge in AI and ML initiatives, ensuring they align with the organization's broader goals. Their expertise is vital in driving technological innovation and applying cutting-edge AI and ML solutions to solve complex business challenges.

Policy Advisor, AI

The Policy Advisor of AI is key in navigating the complex regulatory and ethical landscape of AI. They ensure compliance with laws and ethical standards, advising on AI policies and anticipating future challenges.

Research Scientist, Artificial Intelligence

The AI Research Scientist conducts advanced research in AI, pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Their work is fundamental in developing new AI methodologies and technologies, contributing significantly to the organization's knowledge base and competitive edge in the field.

Director of Artificial Intelligence

The Director of Artificial Intelligence oversees all aspects of AI strategy and implementation in an organization. Their leadership is critical in ensuring that AI initiatives are strategically aligned and effectively executed, driving innovation and long-term growth in the organization.

AI Governance Leader

The AI Governance Leader focuses on establishing and maintaining governance frameworks for AI, ensuring compliance with legal, ethical, and business standards. Their role is paramount in managing the risks associated with AI deployment, ensuring responsible use of AI, and maintaining the trust of stakeholders and customers in the organization's AI initiatives.

Why Hire AI leaders?

In today's business world, AI leadership is critical. Just as being data-driven became a standard for leaders, now the expectation is to be both data-driven and AI-powered.

AI is not just something for your tech team to think about. AI is just as much about business strategy and effective operation.


AI leadership isn't about adding AI as an afterthought; it involves embedding AI into the heart of your business

What it's like to work with RTB-AI

​Working with RTB feels like an extension of your team. Using proprietary tools, RTB will quickly assess your culture’s unique attributes and work to find compatible candidates. RTB-aI is happy AI use any tool your team already uses, so that we fit naturally into your organization. You can always feel free to reach out to RTB-AI for advice - we don’t even mind if you ask the same question twice.

Your Hiring Partner

Ilan Buckman

Ilan brings practical expertise to the hiring process. Having led hundreds of interviews, and personally bringing on board and overseeing more than two dozen full-time employees, he knows firsthand the intricacies of building high-impact teams. His discerning approach ensures that those he selects not only meet expectations but consistently elevate their organizations. With a manager's insight, Ilan recognizes the ripple effect of a single hire on an entire team and its potential to define an organization's trajectory. Rely on his deep understanding to consistently secure standout talent for your team.

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Ready to Raise the Bar?

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