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Solutions Architect, AI



About the Role

The AI Solutions Architect is instrumental in designing and implementing AI systems that are practical, scalable, and aligned with business needs. They bridge the technical and business domains, enhancing customer service, optimizing operations, and driving innovation.


    Develop and implement AI governance frameworks to ensure ethical and legal compliance across all AI projects.
    Monitor and interpret current and emerging AI regulations, providing timely updates and guidance to relevant departments.
    Collaborate with legal, compliance, and technical teams to assess potential risks and devise mitigation strategies.
    Advise on the ethical implications of AI deployments, ensuring that AI solutions respect privacy, fairness, and transparency principles.
    Engage with policymakers, regulatory agencies, and industry groups to influence the development of AI policy and standards.
    Conduct training and awareness programs for employees on AI ethics and compliance.
    Lead the development of internal policies and best practices for responsible AI use within the organization.
    Prepare reports and position papers on AI policy matters for internal and external stakeholders.
    Facilitate cross
    functional discussions to align AI strategies with broader business objectives and values.
    Anticipate future challenges in AI governance and proactively develop strategic responses.

Required Skills

    A degree in Law, Public Policy, Computer Science, or a related field; advanced degree preferred.
    Strong understanding of AI technologies and their potential societal impacts.
    Knowledge of international and domestic AI regulatory and legal frameworks.
    Excellent analytical, problem
    solving, and decision
    making skills.
    Ability to communicate complex regulatory and ethical concepts to a non
    technical audience.
    Proven experience in policy analysis and strategic planning.
    Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to engage and influence stakeholders.
    High ethical standards and a commitment to corporate social responsibility.
    Proficiency in data analysis and familiarity with AI development processes.
    General skills in project management, leadership, and collaboration.

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