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AI Consulting

Actionable guidance to harness the power of AI 


Practical AI solutions designed for your business needs. Drive customer value and elevate operational efficiency through strategic AI integration.



RTB takes concept to reality, crafting low code / no code products that seamlessly weave AI into your essential workflows.

Infuse AI into your business

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RTB helps integrate generative AI into your core operations. Many businesses understand AI's potential but struggle with implementation. RTB provides rapid expertise and direction so you can unlock the power of AI.


See how companies integrate AI with RTB

RTB projects focus on implementing rapid solutions, allowing organizations to quickly harness the power of generative AI.

Your Strategic Partner

Ilan Buckman

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Ilan is an action-oriented leader with over a decade of experience at the pinnacle of the corporate world. Not only has he led and transformed multiple strategy teams, but he's also consistently enhanced operational efficiency and profit margins. His background as a management consultant has seen him advising top-tier global corporations, lending them his practical and effective insights. Armed with a profound expertise in AI-driven transformation, Ilan stands ready to revolutionize your business with pragmatic advice and solutions.

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Subject Matter Experts

​Depending on your needs, RTB can loop in subject matter experts to support in delivering your project requirements. 

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