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Intelligent Data Structuring

Transforming Raw Data into Actionable Insights with Advanced AI

We empower clients by transforming unstructured data into strategic assets. Using Generative AI, we convert data sources, like emails and online reviews, into actionable insights. Our approach focuses on generating vital data points such as risk scores and behavior predictions, leading to tailored solutions for your business.

How it Works


Delving into your diverse unstructured data, from internal communications to online profiles, identifying the value within.


Utilizing advanced Generative AI to extract and create meaningful data points, like risk assessments and behavioral predictions.


Pinpointing the crucial elements necessary to transform your data into a powerful decision-making tool.


Seamlessly embedding our solutions into your existing systems, ensuring automatic updates and enhanced data manipulation capabilities.

What does this look like?

RTB-AI will fully integrate a system that logs new data fields to score and classify your unstructured data. See a mockup of how this works here. 

Transform Data into Decisions

Convert unstructured data into a strategic tool for informed, impactful business decision with the power of GenAI.

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