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Live. Customized. High Impact.

AI Employee Training

Training Modules

Mix and match modules to best suit your organization's needs


Lay a strong foundation

  • Understanding AI Basics

  • Applying AI in Business

  • Navigating AI Ethics


Master your AI use

  • Using the right Language Models

  • Mastering AI Prompts

  • Getting Started with Computer Vision

  • Building Custom Chatbots

  • Tapping into APIs

  • Boosting Productivity with AI Tools


Add serious value

  • Securing AI Systems

  • Analyzing Data with AI

  • Training Custom Models

  • Cleaning and Organizing Data

  • Coding with AI Help

  • Creating AI based algorithms

What's included

Each training is custom tailored to your needs. RTB supports your learning and experimentation throughout.

Strategy Session

Consultation with leadership to customize the training to your specific use cases and employee knowledge level.

Live training sessions

Live sessions are scheduled around your team’s schedules. Content and number of sessions are tailoted to your goals. 

Ongoing Support

Office hours and coaching are provided to support your team as you integrate AI into your core business.

What Clients Say

Luke Sherwin
"Ilan showed us how emerging tools can be customized to our needs for far far less than we expected. It has sped up our go-to-market and has allowed us to trial multiple approaches for the same budget."

Luke Sherwin

Co-founder, Casper and Block Renovation

Course Benefits

Customer Value

Teams who complete this course will be able to embed AI features into your core business that wow your customers and differentiate you from your competition.


McKinsey estimates that using AI tools currently available can unlock a 60-70% productivity gain. Get more out of your existing team by adopting AI in your internal workflows.

Professional Development

AI is one of the most in demand skills right now. Providing this training to your team is an employee perk and a meaningful investment in their professional growth.

Your Instructor

Ilan Buckman

Ilan specializes in guiding non-technical teams to harness the power of AI. As a seasoned operator and consultant, he's held impactful roles both in large organizations such as Accenture and Uber, and early stage startups backed by Sequoia and Softbank. Known for his direct coaching and preference for practical solutions over theory, Ilan taps into his operational leadership expertise to elevate your team to its fullest potential.

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Ilan headshot_edited.jpg

Course Comparison

RTB isn't the only provider of AI training. See why RTB delivers the best value here.

1 week
6 weeks
4 weeks
10 months
2 months
2 days


Find the training package that fits your needs

  • Are sessions conducted in person or virtually?
    We offer both in person and virtual sessions. Virtual sessions make use of Zoom, utilizing breakout rooms and other interactive features for larger groups. If desired, our instructors will also offer training on site. Additional cost is added to cover basic travel costs.
  • Can the training be scheduled around our team's availability?
    Yes, our training sessions are flexible and can be scheduled at convenient times that suit your team's availability. We recommend scheduling sessions during the regular workday to ensure strong attendance and signal the importance of these sessions.
  • What tools or software will we need for the training?
    We'll guide you through the selection of appropriate tools and software based on your business needs. No prior purchase is necessary.
  • How many sessions are typically needed to gain proficiency in AI?
    Even one session can be beneficial, but to unlock the full potential of AI, RTB typically recommends 4 sessions, each lasting 1 hour, with office hours support in between.
  • What if my team is not tech-savvy at all? Will the training still be beneficial?
    Definitely! Our training is tailored for all skill levels, including those with no technical background. We focus on demystifying AI and teaching practical applications that anyone can grasp.
  • Is there any preparation required before attending the training?
    No specific preparation is required. We'll provide you with all necessary information and materials prior to the training.
  • What is the recommended group size for a training cohort?
    The ideal group size is between 4 and 12 participants. This allows for lively discussion and idea sharing, while still maintaining a small enough group for individualized attention. If you have a larger team, we recommend dividing them into smaller groups.
  • What are the training sessions usually like?
    The sessions are a dynamic combination of instruction, group work, and real live case studies. The instructor will also work through your team's real examples, making the learning experience practical and relevant.
  • How are the sessions tailored to our specific needs and business objectives?
    We begin with a consultation to understand your unique needs and objectives. From there, we develop a customized training program that addresses your specific use cases and aligns with your team's knowledge level.
  • What are the risks of using AI, and how does the training address these risks?
    A key part of the training includes discussion about how to use AI ethically and responsibility. Participants will learn to uncover what data is being shared and with whom, so that you know exactly where your data is going and how it's being used.
  • What if I need more technical training beyond what is offered in this course? Are there advanced options available?
    Absolutely! We offer advanced training options for those who wish to delve deeper into specific technical aspects of AI. We can further customize the training to align with your more technical requirements. RTB has data scientists, software engineers, and researchers who teach more advanced topics.
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