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Case Studies

Screenshot of AI advisor

AI-Powered Sports Advisor

An AI-powered sports advisor feature seamlessly integrated to provide personalized coaching and insights, enhancing user engagement and driving subscription upgrades.

Medical billing with AI

Provider Billing Auditor: Enhancing Accuracy and Efficiency

Revolutionizing healthcare billing, our custom AI tool enhances accuracy, saves time, and standardizes processes across organizations efficiently.

Healthcare admissions AI Co-pilot

Nursing Home Admissions Co-Pilot

A custom AI co-pilot helps a skilled nursing facility review new admissions faster and with more rigor than ever before.

Accounts Payable automation

Automated Accounts Payable

Integrating AI to automatically monitor and post invoices allows a healthcare company to avoid an additonal FTE.

AI construction estimates

Construction Project Scoping

How integrating an LLM with proprietary pricing data enabled the client to replace a legacy database system while expanding TAM.

AI based chatbot

AI Coaching Chatbot

An AI chatbot mirrors foundational principles of a well known business book, offering users tailored interactive coaching sessions.

Structuring Data with AI

Customer Experience Predictions

Infusing free text inputs into a statistical prediction model forecasts at risk experience with an 85% accuracy rate.

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