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Customer Experience Predictions

Structuring Data with AI


A venture backed startup revolutionizing the handyman industry with its tech-enabled subscription service aimed to ensure a high task completion rate. The company needed to guarantee that their professionals arrived at a job with the necessary resources and time to complete all user requested tasks successfully. Any delays or incomplete tasks would not only disrupt their service schedules but also diminish the quality of service and customer satisfaction they prided themselves on.


RTB-AI’s approach was to use AI to translate the user inputted task requests into time-based estimates in order to flag appointments that might exceed the allotted appointment time. To achieve this, we integrated the GPT-4 API with the client’s database, estimating the time required for each task. After deriving these estimates, we constructed a specialized tool for the internal team. This tool enabled them to review and take action on appointments that were predicted to exceed the allotted time. This preemptive method facilitated timely interventions by customer support, ensuring higher chances of successful job completion.


Upon implementation, the tool could predict with an impressive 85% accuracy rate which appointments might not reach completion. The client team was able to preemptively act on appointments that were at risk and proactively offer solutions to maintain customer satisfaction. This initiative, combined with other strategic moves, significantly improved the task completion rate. More importantly, it led to heightened customer satisfaction, as subscribers experienced fewer disruptions and enjoyed a more streamlined service.

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