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Fractional CAIO

Tap into Fractional Expertise with RTB-AI, Establishing AI as Key to Your Organization's Growth

What does a CAIO Focus on?

AI Strategy

Formulating and executing a targeted AI strategy for organizational growth and specific business goals.

Governance & Compliance

Ensuring robust data management with a focus on quality, security, and compliance with all ethical and regulatory standards.

Innovation Leadership

Driving organizational innovation by identifying and applying the latest trends and research in AI.

Ethical AI

Establishing transparent, fair AI usage guidelines and mitigating technical, regulatory, and reputational risks.

Technology Roadmap

Creating a scalable, adaptable plan for AI adoption, integrated with existing and future business needs.

AI Integration

Managing the seamless incorporation of AI systems within existing business processes and technology structures.

Talent & Learning

Creating a learning program and recruitment process to elevate AI talent across the organization through targeted training and development.

Operational Efficiency

Enhancing AI-related operations with efficiency improvements and innovative solutions for better operational effectiveness.

"Companies that do not integrate AI into their product, operations, and business strategy will struggle to remain competitive — and fall behind those that do."


Meet your Fractional CAIO

Ilan is an action-oriented leader with over a decade of experience at the pinnacle of the corporate world. Not only has he led and transformed multiple strategy teams, but he's also consistently enhanced operational efficiency and profit margins.


Ilan's background as a management consultant has seen him advising top-tier global corporations, lending them his practical and effective insights. Armed with a profound expertise in AI-driven transformation, Ilan stands ready to revolutionize your business with pragmatic advice and solutions.

Ilan Buckman headshot - founder and operator of RTB


Case Studies

Learn how Ilan has helped other leading organizations implement AI as a strategic advantage.

Ready to learn more?

Let's discuss how your organization can benefit from a Fractional CAIO.

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