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AI Privacy

A critical aspect of our work involves implementing privacy and security measures. This allows clients with sensitive data to fully leverage the potential of Generative AI while maintaining confidentiality and security.

What We


We will implement a custom solution to redact any sensitive information before it gets sent to a large language model.

Process Management

In order to maintain privacy hygiene, RTB-AI will structure an internal process to review logs and approve edge cases should employees need to request an exception to the privacy policy.


Together we will set acceptable use policies, that will be enforced by the security tool. Based on best practices, we can protect sensitive data of all types, specific to your organization's needs. 

Ongoing Support

Should you need support reviewing logs, updating policies, or anything else to keep your data secure, RTB-AI is here to help.

How does this work?

RTB-AI implements a solution that controls the flow of sensitive data from your organizations to large language models. This ensures your sensitive data stays with you, while still harnessing the power of AI.

Secure data controls for ethical AI

Learn More

Learn more about how RTB-AI can help secure your data while still using cutting edge AI.

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