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AI Governance Leader


Policy & Communications

About the Role

The AI Governance Leader focuses on establishing and maintaining governance frameworks for AI, ensuring compliance with legal, ethical, and business standards. Their role is paramount in managing the risks associated with AI deployment, ensuring responsible use of AI, and maintaining the trust of stakeholders and customers in the organization's AI initiatives.


    Develop and implement an AI ethics framework and guidelines in accordance with industry standards, legal requirements, and organizational values.
    Conduct regular assessments of AI projects and initiatives to ensure compliance with ethical standards and regulatory obligations.
    Collaborate with AI development teams to integrate ethical considerations into the design and deployment of AI systems.
    Lead training and awareness programs for employees on AI ethics and responsible AI practices.
    Monitor the evolving landscape of AI ethics and regulation, and update organizational policies and practices accordingly.
    Serve as the primary point of contact for all AI ethics
    related inquiries and issues within the organization.
    Facilitate discussions and workshops with stakeholders to address ethical dilemmas and challenges in AI applications.
    Prepare and present reports to senior management and relevant committees on AI ethics compliance status and initiatives.
    Work with legal, risk, and compliance departments to address any legal implications of AI deployment.
    Engage with external bodies, including industry groups, regulatory agencies, and academic institutions, to stay informed on best practices and emerging issues in AI ethics.

Required Skills

    Strong understanding of AI technologies, machine learning algorithms, and data science principles.
    Knowledge of ethical frameworks, standards, and regulations relevant to AI.
    Excellent analytical and problem
    solving skills, with the ability to assess complex situations and make informed decisions.
    Strong communication and interpersonal skills, capable of conveying technical concepts to non
    technical audiences.
    Proven ability to lead and manage cross
    functional projects and initiatives.
    Attention to detail and a commitment to high ethical standards.
    Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Ethics, Law, or a related field.
    Professional certification in AI ethics, compliance, or a related area is a plus.
    General skills in project management, leadership, and stakeholder engagement.

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