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Strategy Manager, AI Initiatives



About the Role

The AI Strategy Manager plays a crucial role in developing and implementing AI strategies across various business units. Their expertise ensures that AI initiatives are in line with organizational goals, driving innovation and competitive advantage.


    Lead the strategic planning and roadmap development for AI product offerings, ensuring alignment with business objectives and market trends.
    Collaborate with cross
    functional teams, including data scientists, engineers, marketing, sales, and customer support, to define product vision and deliver comprehensive AI solutions.
    Conduct market research and competitive analysis to identify opportunities for AI innovation and differentiation.
    Define and prioritize product features and requirements, translating complex AI concepts into customer
    centric solutions.
    Oversee the product development lifecycle, from ideation to launch and iteration, ensuring timely delivery and quality of AI products.
    Develop business cases for new AI initiatives, including return on investment (ROI) analyses and feasibility studies.
    Foster relationships with key stakeholders, both internal and external, to gather insights and promote the adoption of AI products.
    Monitor and report on product performance, customer feedback, and market dynamics to inform ongoing strategy and product enhancements.
    Stay abreast of AI industry trends, regulatory changes, and technological advancements to inform strategic decision
    Advocate for ethical AI practices and ensure compliance with relevant data privacy and protection standards.

Required Skills

    Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Business Administration, or a related field.
    Strong understanding of AI technologies, machine learning algorithms, and data analytics.
    Proven experience in product management, preferably with a focus on AI
    based products.
    Strategic thinking and analytical skills to evaluate market trends and develop product strategies.
    Excellent leadership and project management abilities to drive product development and cross
    functional collaboration.
    Effective communication and interpersonal skills to articulate product vision and value proposition to diverse audiences.
    Creativity and problem
    solving skills to overcome challenges and deliver innovative AI solutions.
    Familiarity with agile development methodologies and product management tools.
    Business acumen and the ability to develop financial models and conduct ROI analysis.

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