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Secure a chatGPT API Key for $1


Imagine heading to a bustling farmer's market, surrounded by fresh, colorful produce. But there's a catch: you didn’t bring a bag. Now, with every step, you're reminded of the missed opportunities, the fruits and veggies you could have taken home. All because of one simple oversight. A GPT-4 API key is much like that essential bag for the farmer's market. Without it, you're limiting what you can take away from the vast offerings of the AI world.

Fortunately, with the help of this guide, you can get one of the most coveted AI assets for a mere dollar in about 15 minutes.

Why use GPT-4?

From my own experiences, the shift from GPT-3.5 to GPT-4 has been transformative. The precision and reliability of GPT-4 in adhering to prompt instructions have been crucial. There've been numerous instances where I needed GPT to return just a numerical value, especially when using its output for calculations. With GPT-3.5, no matter how meticulously I crafted my prompts, there were times it would intersperse text in its response. Thankfully, GPT-4 has put an end to such inconsistencies.

Additionally, GPT-4 is much more capable of carrying nuanced conversations, crafting beautiful emails, and writing compelling narratives. Compared to GPT-4, GPT 3.5 comes off very robotic and simplistic, limiting its use in real business applications.

GPT-4 Test Results from OpenAI paper
GPT 4 test results

And if you're considering using GPT for interpreting legal documents like licensing agreements, terms of service, leases, etc, consider this: GPT-3.5 scored in the 10th percentile on the Bar exam, while GPT-4 impressively scored in the 90th percentile according to OpenAI's GPT-4 Paper. Personally, I wouldn't trust legal advice from someone who scored in the 10th percentile. In fact, with such a score, they're likely not a practicing lawyer!

The evolution from GPT-3.5 to GPT-4 is not just about a version upgrade; it's about harnessing the expertise and precision of a more refined, predictable and intelligent AI companion.

Why do I need an API Key?

There are two main reasons to get an API Key now. One is to save money. Second, once you realize you need it, you'll want to have it right away. Whether it's for you, a colleague, or a friend, having chatGPT API Key ready can prevent a wait of up to 6 weeks when the need arises. A quick word of caution: Be cautious of offers selling GPT-4 API keys. Many are scams, and even if you stumble upon a legitimate offer, it's unnecessary because you can easily set it up yourself by following the this guide. Simply put, it's practical to have one at your disposal.

Save Money

When it comes to expenses, consider the facts. With a ChatGPT premium subscription priced at $20 per month, you'd need to consistently engage in over 500 ChatGPT conversations monthly to justify the cost. For most users, the API-based approach delivers clear savings. Additionally, API tokens are designed for sharing, a benefit for organizations. Instead of a $20 monthly charge per individual, a team can share a single API key, leading to substantial savings.

To adopt a pay-as-you-go model, I suggest checking out TypingMind. This user-friendly tool

Typing Mind

lets you interact with GPT-4 similarly to ChatGPT, but with added benefits like organizing chats in folders and searching through chat history. All you need is an API key with access to GPT-4 🙂.

I am aware that there are other advantages to ChatGPT premium. Primarily, it grants access to Code Interpreter / Advanced Data Analysis, transforming virtually anyone into a data scientist. So if you use this feature, stick with chatGPT premium. Keep an eye on upcoming blog posts or consider joining an RTB training course to learn more about these powerful analytics tools.

Benefit From Powerful Integrations

An API key is more than just a ticket to access GPT-4; it's a gateway to seamlessly integrating this advanced AI into your daily tasks and projects. There's a plethora of tools out there that enable you to harness the full power of the GPT-4. Imagine embedding GPT-4 directly into Google Sheets, utilizing intelligent data cleaning tools, or even crafting intuitive chatbots. The horizon of possibilities is broad and exciting.

Furthermore, if you're planning to utilize GPT-4 long-term, it's worth crafting your prompts with GPT-4 in mind. Working initially with GPT 3.5 might seem convenient, but transitioning later to GPT-4 will likely require prompt revisions, costing you additional time and effort. Having an API key allows your organization’s engineering team to build custom applications powered by GPT-4. Even more exciting, there are many pre-built integrations that require zero coding expertise. All you need is that all-powerful API key.

How to get a chatGPT API Key

Obtaining a chatGPT API Key is straightforward. With just 15 minutes and a dollar, you can secure one! Simply create an OpenAI Platform account and make $1 worth of API calls by the end of the month. Below are detailed steps to guide you in acquiring your very own GPT-4 API Key.

  1. Sign Up on OpenAI: Navigate to and create your account.

  2. Add Billing Information: Once your account is set up, provide your billing details.

  3. Generate and Safeguard Your API Key: Create an API key within the OpenAI platform. Remember to save this key securely on your computer as you won't be able to view it again. This video provides a step-by-step guide how to create an API key.

  4. Install the GPT for Sheets Extension: Begin by adding the extension to your Google Sheets.

  5. Integrate the API Key with Google Sheets: Input your API key into the Google Sheets GPT add-on.

  6. Use GPT Formulas in Google Sheets: Start making GPT API calls by adding GPT formulas to your sheets. To get to $1 in charges using GPT-3.5 Turbo, you'll need about 1,300 rows, each asking for a response of 500 words.

  7. Monitor Your Usage: Regularly check your usage with OpenAI here. This is updated in near real time to ensure you've accrued over $1 in charges.

  8. Batch Processing: To avoid any rate-limiting errors, drag down the formulas in batches. If you encounter a rate limit error, it means you've hit the maximum data transfer allowed by OpenAI within a given timeframe. In such cases, try processing smaller batches, like 20 rows at a time.

  9. Wait for Your Invoice: After making the API calls, patiently wait for OpenAI to generate your invoice. This process often takes 2 weeks following the end of the month.

  10. Pay Your Invoice: Once you receive the invoice, ensure that the billed amount is successfully charged to your payment method.

  11. Confirm GPT-4 Access: After your payment goes through, verify your access to GPT-4. Navigate to the "playground" on OpenAI's platform and check if GPT-4 appears as an option in the dropdown menu.

GPT Playground
You have GPT-4 access when GPT-4 appears in the highlighted dropdown

Final Thoughts

So, do you really want to stroll through the AI farmer's market empty-handed, limited to grabbing just a peach or two? Of course not! Equip yourself with the GPT-4 API key, the ultimate carryall, and fill it up with the finest AI selections available.

To make the most of GPT-4, think about enrolling in an RTB training. Make sure to include the API module when tailoring your training to your needs.

And one final tip: act swiftly. Ensure you hit the required API charges by the end of the month, or you'll find yourself waiting another month to make full use of the most advanced LLM publicly available.

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