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AI Ethics Compliance Officer


Policy & Communications

About the Role

The AI Ethics Compliance Officer ensures that all AI technologies and practices within an organization adhere to ethical standards and regulations. They play a critical role in fostering responsible AI development and use, safeguarding against ethical pitfalls, and ensuring that AI solutions are developed and deployed in a manner that respects societal values and norms.


    Identify and evaluate new business opportunities in the AI sector, including potential partnerships, market expansions, and product offerings.
    Develop and implement strategic business plans to achieve revenue targets and business growth in the AI market.
    Collaborate with product development teams to ensure alignment between AI solutions and market needs.
    Conduct market research and analysis to stay abreast of industry trends, competitive landscape, and emerging technologies in AI.
    Build and maintain relationships with key clients, stakeholders, and industry influencers to promote the organization's AI capabilities.
    Lead cross
    functional teams to develop and execute go
    market strategies for AI products and services.
    Negotiate and close business deals that contribute to the organization's strategic objectives and revenue goals.
    Provide thought leadership in the AI space, representing the organization at conferences, workshops, and networking events.
    Work closely with marketing teams to create compelling marketing materials and campaigns that effectively communicate the value of AI solutions.
    Monitor and report on the performance of AI business initiatives, adjusting strategies as necessary to optimize results.

Required Skills

    Strong understanding of AI technologies, applications, and industry trends.
    Proven track record in business development, sales, or a related field.
    Excellent strategic planning and execution skills.
    Ability to analyze complex data and market insights to inform business decisions.
    Strong negotiation and deal
    closing abilities.
    Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to engage effectively with a variety of audiences.
    Creative problem
    solving skills and the ability to think outside the box.
    Leadership and team management experience.
    Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field; a Master's degree or MBA is preferred.
    General skills in project management, customer relationship management (CRM), and financial acumen.

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